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Most transom-mount trolling motors are hand-steered directly with a tiller, and a twisting motion controls the speed.

The Aquos Haswing Cayman T is different. It comes with a wireless handheld remote control and a foot pedal.

Transom-mount trolling motors are portable and versatile. You can use them for fishing and recreation, which makes them popular on kayaks, inflatables, and other small boats.

Haswing is a rising trolling motor brand and the Cayman T is truly unique.

Is it good value for money? Let’s find out!

Haswing Cayman T Models Compared

Aquos Haswing Cayman T
Remote & Foot Pedal
Aquos Haswing Cayman T
Remote Only
PricingSee on AmazonSee on Amazon
Thrust55 lb
55 lb
SteeringElectric SteerElectric Steer
Amp Draw50A50A
Foot Pedal
Use InFreshwater & SaltwaterFreshwater & Saltwater
Weight26 lb26 lb

The Motor

All Haswing Cayman T models have a 12-volt DC motor delivering 55 pounds of thrust. It is suitable for small boats up to 18 feet and 2750 lb.

The Cayman T motor has a variable speed controller. This means smooth speed changes and helps to conserve the battery.

The motor is very quiet, even at high speeds, with no unexpected noises. There is more sound generated by the propeller and water than the motor itself.

The electronics are fully encapsulated and waterproof.

Wireless Remote Control Works Well

Using the wireless remote takes a few moments to learn, and works as expected.

The remote control is fantastic, as you can do it from anywhere. It can be very useful when you launch or retrieve the boat on your own.

The maximum wireless range is roughly 150 ft.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a quick forward/reverse direction change. To go backward, you must turn the motor head 180 degrees first.

One disadvantage of a remotely controlled motor is the slight delay it takes for the motor to respond. This is not a problem unique to Haswing, as all electric-steer motors will have the same issue.

The Foot Pedal Is Optional

You can order Aquos Haswing Cayman T with or without a foot pedal.

The pedal is great for what it is supposed to do: giving you control of the boat and free hands.

It’s not the kind you see on Minn Kota or MotorGuide. It is much bigger, roughly 15×15 inches. Also, it doesn’t allow for heel-toe control. It only has buttons you can press with your foot.

Still, it works. It’s good to have it on board if the remote controller fails.

The cable is 14.5 ft long.

Two Shaft Options

The shafts on Haswing Cayman T are made of cast aluminum. There are two shaft lengths available, depending on the height of your transom:

  • 39 inches
  • 47 inches

You can tilt the shaft 85 degrees, for example, when in shallow water.

The depth of the propeller can be adjusted using a simple collar.

Portable & Saltwater-Ready

Many transom-mount motors are carried and installed on the boat each time you use them.

The Cayman T weighs only 26 pounds and has a special handle for convenient lifting and carrying.

All Cayman T models can be used in saltwater. They come with a sacrificial anode, which helps protect the metal parts against corrosion.

Security Features

The Haswing Cayman T has an interesting security feature not seen on many trolling motors.

When connecting the motor to the battery for the first time, its electronics will prevent a false start.

This is especially useful on portable trolling motos that are often connected and disconnected.


There are currently (2022) no other transom-mounted trolling motors with wireless remote control. Aquos Haswing Cayman T is special in this respect.

Most are tiller-controlled, with a few exceptions. The Newport Vessels NK-180 or Torqeedo Ultralight are also mounted on transom and have foot-operated cable steering.

Not quite the same as the wireless control found on the Cayman T. Also, both motors mentioned are more expensive and complex to install.


Depending on the mounting position, hand steering found on most transom mount motors can be awkward. It doesn’t allow you to hold the fishing rod and control the boat’s movement at the same time.

The Aquos Haswing Cayman T solves this problem by offering electric steering with wireless remote control.

The motor with 55 pounds of thrust is powerful enough for small boats. Having to use just a single 12-volt battery helps keep the overall weight down.

The Cayman T does deliver on its promise and anyone who needs a transom motor and free hands should seriously consider it.


Does Aquos Haswing Cayman T have Spot-Lock?

No, it doesn’t have GPS positioning and can’t automatically stay in the same spot. For Spot-Lock, have a look at Haswing’s other model – Cayman GPS.


Haswing Cayman T Manufacturer Specifications (PDF)