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Lowrance Ghost is an excellent trolling motor coming from a major manufacturer of marine electronics. It has a powerful brushless DC motor, can run on either 24v or 36v, and comes with advanced GPS features.

No wonder it has quickly become very popular, especially among the fans of Lowrance fish finders.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect product and Lowrance Ghost is no different.

In this article, we discuss the most common problems with Lowrance Ghost.

Power Loss

There were a few incidents with trolling motors suddenly losing power.

Sometimes the head would rotate, but with no power to spin the prop. In some cases, the problem would go away after switching the Ghost off and on a few times.

The first thing to verify is to make sure you have the latest software installed, as it solved the problem for many.

Lowrance Technical Support recommends the following checks to pinpoint the issue:

  1. Checking the connection under the foot pedal
  2. Checking that all batteries are in good condition (less than 1-year-old)
  3. Checking that there is nothing tangled around the prop shaft, e.g. a fishing line.
  4. If all the above is done, Lowrance suggests a factory reset.

We have verified that at least in some cases, a factory reset fixed the problem.

Locked Motor Head

In rare cases, the head of the motor locked up and started to shake.

It was possible to get the motor run again by manually moving the head. However, the problem sometimes comes back and to fix it you will need to take it to a certified repair shop.

Software Issues

Some users report that their Ghost in stowed position suddenly gets activated for no apparent. It can result in bouncing and banging against the bracket.

Lowrance is aware of this problem and new software has been released to fix it. Make sure you download the latest version and update your Ghost before using it on the water.

Another software problem is related to the wireless remote and Bluetooth. In those cases, it was almost impossible to perform pairing successfully.

Anchor Mode

The problems with spot lock on the Ghost were found mostly on those produced a few years ago. Especially owners of lighter boats complained about it.

The anchor mode didn’t work, which was very frustrating on such an expensive piece of equipment.

It all changed, for most users anyway, after updating their software.

So if you’re having any spot lock issues with yours, make sure you’re running the latest software. You can download it from the Lowrance website.

If the software update doesn’t help and the spot lock is still inaccurate, remember to check if your compass is calibrated.

Stuck Direction Indicator

On some Ghost units, the blue arrow indicator on top gets stuck and jumps rather than moving smoothly left or right.

There is an easy fix for this:

  1. Open the blue arrow cap on top of the motor with a flathead screwdriver. Be careful and use two scredrivers if necessary.
  2. Take a few drops of reel magic and drop it down where the arrow cap clip meets the track.
  3. This should help make the blue arrow move smoothly again.

Design Issues


Lowrance Ghost with its brushless motor is one of the quietest trolling motors on the market.

However, its mount could be a little bit sturdier, as it makes quite a bit of creaking and popping noises.

Unsecured Cable

One such problem is the cable that pops out of the clamps on the mount. It can then get pinched and potentially damaged.

If you notice it, it’s an easy fix. All you need is a few zip ties to secure the cable.

Bright Direction Indicator

Another small design problem is that the light for the direction indicator is too bright and annoying at night.

A simple hack is to put a thin sticker on it that will allow just enough light to be visible at night.

We hope that Lowrance makes a dimmable indicator in the features.

Lack of a longer shaft option

Some of you complain that Lowrance doesn’t have a long shaft option for its Ghost. The longest shaft you can get is 60 inches.

This is usually enough for bass fishing and most boats. However, for owners of deeper boats or those fishing with waves, a 60-inch motor will be coming out of the water.

A 72-inch or even a 84-inch option would be great.

Electric Steering

Lowrance Ghost has an electric steering system. The biggest disadvantage here is that it lack precise control and instant response only cable-steer motors have, such as the Ultrex.

For most of you, it’s not really a big problem.

However, if you want a swift response from your foot pedal when fishing, you could be a little disappointed.


Many of the problems listed above do not affect the Ghost models sold today. Others can be fixed by updating your motor with the latest software.

In cases where the problems can’t be easily fixed, you will need to take your trolling motor to a Lowrance-certified repair shop.

The good news is that Lowrance has an excellent reputation for repairing or replacing faulty units under warranty.

Lowrance Ghost Problem FAQ

How do you reset a Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor?

  1. You need to press and hold buttons 2) and 3) on your foot pedal simultaneously
  2. The lights will start blinking and you will hear the audible tone
  3. Press and hold buttons 1) and 2) together. You will hear the audible tone again.
  4. It’s done! Your Ghost is back to the factory settings.

How do you calibrate a Lowrance Ghost?

  1. Enter the configuration mode
  2. Press the button 3). You will hear an audible tone.
  3. Make a full circle (390-degree turn) very slowly. This step could take a few minutes.
  4. When you hear an audible tone, it means the calibration is complete.