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Power Pole shallow water anchors have been on the market for a long time, and have a huge fan base. They are loved for their simple design, reliability and excellent customer service.

Minn Kota launched Raptor in 2020, just a few months after Power Pole’s patent ran out. It has advanced features, such as active anchoring and One Boat Network to set it apart.

Which is better?

Let’s dive into details and find out!

Direct Comparison

Minn Kota
Power Pole
Pro Series 2
PricingCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
HighlightsActive Anchoring
Auto Bottom Mode
One Boat Network
Single pump
Drive-off protection
Lengths8ft, 10ft4ft, 6ft, 8ft
Weight8ft - 24.5lb
10ft - 27.5lb
4ft - 13lb
6ft - 15.65lb
8ft - 17.75lb
Warranty5-year for all parts
Lifetime for spike
2-year for electrical
& hydraulics
5-year - mechanical parts
Lifetime for spike

Design & Build Quality

Both shallow water anchors have a very similar design with a spike on a crab-like arm deployed into the water by hydraulic pumps.

Let’s see what is different:

Minn Kota Raptor

Minn Kota’s design is better overall, with stronger brackets and bushings that prevent excessive flex.

The Raptor’s hydraulic pumps are bigger with fully sealed electronics.

This should help reduce pump failures that often happen in wet bilges, especially on saltwater boats.

Power Pole

Power Pole anchors have been designed almost 10 years ago and they have proven reliable.

They are built lighter and create more flex than Raptor.

The pump is also louder, which some people find annoying.

Deploy and Retract

Minn Kota Raptor

Thanks to its bigger capacity pumps, the Raptor generates more force when deploying and retracting the spike.

Power Pole

Maybe not as strong as Raptor, but Power Poles deployment and retracting force is adequate for most people and fishing conditions.

Active Anchoring

Minn Kota Raptor

Active anchoring constantly monitors the force on the spike and adjusts it accordingly. This makes sure that you stay pinned to the bottom in changing conditions.

Raptor’s active anchoring is great when fishing in windy conditions or with many boats passing by and creating wake.

Power Pole

Unfortunately, there is no active anchoring on Power Pole anchors.

Control Options

Minn Kota Raptor

Another great feature on the Raptor is Minn Kota’s One Boat Network, which lets you control you shallow anchor from Hummingbird screens.

If you have Humminbird electronics on your boat and want to integrate your anchor with it, the Raptor is a better choice.

Warranty & Service

Minn Kota Raptor

One of the biggest advantages of Minn Kota over Power Pole is their large service provider network. If you need any work done on your anchor, chances are you can easily find a shop nearby.

Minn Kota offers a 5-year warranty on all the parts of the Raptor.

Power Pole

Power Pole has a reputation for an excellent customer service, with a quick turnaround times.

However, Power Pole offers only a 2-year warranty on electrical and hydraulic parts. (the rest is covered for 5 years)

Both manufacturers have a lifetime warranty for their spikes.

Pros and Cons

Minn Kota Raptor

  • More powerful hydraulic pumps
  • Active Anchoring
  • Integration with Humminbird
  • 5-year warranty on everything
  • Heavier

Power Pole

  • Lighter with only one pump
  • Quieter
  • 2-year warranty on electronics and hydraulics

Final Verdict

Both Minn Kota Raptor and Power Pole are excellent shallow water anchors.

The Raptor hasn’t been around long enough to prove its longevity, however:

If you like the idea of active anchoring to keep you pinned to the bottom and integrating with Humminbird equipment, you should pick the Raptor.

On the other hand, if you value the reputation and second-to-none customer service, and fancy electronics is not important to you, go with Power Pole, which tends to be less expensive. (Pro Series 2)