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Newport Vessels offers some of the best value transom mount trolling motors since 2008.

If you own a small boat, like a fishing kayak, inflatable dinghy, or a jon boat, and don’t need fancy GPS navigation, they might have the right trolling motor for you.

In this article, we go through all the models made by Newport Vessels and tell you what we think about them.

Let’s get started!

Newport Vessels Trolling Motors Compared

ModelVoltageMax Amp DrawShaft LengthWeight
NV-Series 86 lb24V48A36"25 lb
NV-Series 62 lb12V58A36"23 lb
NV-Series 55 lb12V52A30"23 lb
NV-Series 46 lb12V40A30"20 lb
NV-Series 36 lb12V29A30"18 lb
Kayak Series 55 lb12V52A24"23 lb
Kayak Series 36 lb12V29A24"18 lb
NK-180S24V25A20"14.3 lb
X Series 55 lb12V52A36"23 lb
X Series 40 lb12V43A36"21 lb
L Series 86 lb24V48A40"25 lb
L Series 62 lb12V58A40"23 lb
Mossy Oak 55 lb12V52A36"23 lb
Pontoon Series 86 lb24V48A55"25 lb
Pontoon Series 55 lb12V52A55"23 lb

Technology and Features

Most Newport Vessels trolling motors have a simple way of selecting speeds: you twist the tiller handle, which gives you 5 speeds forward and 3 in reverse.

A notable example is the NK-180S, or the brushless kayak motor, which has a variable speed motor controller. It makes selecting speeds smooth and runs more efficiently, better preserving the battery life.

The shaft is made of fiberglass, which makes it light and strong.

Customer Support

If you need advice about choosing the right model or need some help with troubleshooting your motor, you’ll be interested to know Newport Vessels’ customer support has an excellent reputation.

In all problem cases we are aware of, the support staff proved to be knowledgeable, and the solution was quickly found.

You can call, email or chat through their website:


It is important to note that if you order a trolling motor and the box is damaged on arrival, you should not accept it. In any case, Newport Vessels will ship a replacement motor.

Newport Vessels trolling motors are covered by a 2-year limited warranty, which is non-transferable.

The warranty does not cover commercial use or products that have been modified or used with third-party accessories.

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Reviews

All trolling motors mentioned below are hand-controlled transom mount models unless stated otherwise.

NV Series

The NV Series includes some of the best-selling motors from Newport Vessels, which are frequently seen on smaller watercraft such as jon boats and bass boats.

They are durable and easy to use and are available at attractive prices.

They all include a simple speed controller, with 5 speeds forward and 3 in reverse, and an LED battery level indicator.

The tiller is telescopic, extending an extra 6 inches for more steering convenience. The battery cable is 4 feet long.

They are all saltwater-capable.

This is how all the NV Series models compare:

ModelVoltageMax Amp DrawShaft LengthWeight
NV-Series 86 lb24V48A36"25 lb
NV-Series 62 lb12V58A36"23 lb
NV-Series 55 lb12V52A30"23 lb
NV-Series 46 lb12V40A30"20 lb
NV-Series 36 lb12V29A30"18 lb

Kayak Series

The Kayak Series was designed for small boat owners to offer a good balance of performance, size, and price. The 36-lb model is currently our top trolling motor in the kayak and canoe category.

Simply put, it offers the best value for kayakers of the trolling motors we reviewed so far.

The design incorporates elements from a hugely popular NV-Series, but it was developed with kayak anglers in mind. The result is a good and reliable performance at a very affordable price.

We especially like an easily adjustable 24-inch shaft and longer cables so that you have more flexibility in battery placement on your kayak or canoe.

This Newport Vessels model comes with a 5-point LED battery indicator and is saltwater compatible with corrosion-resistant materials and the sacrificial anode.

The Kayak Series comes in two versions with different thrust levels:

Kayak Series
36 lb
Kayak Series
55 lb
Max Amp Draw29A52A
Thrust36 lb 55 lb
Shaft Length24"24"
Speeds5 fwd / 3 rev5 fwd / 3 rev
Weight18 lb23 lb

Brushless Kayak Motor

The NK-180S is a newly designed motor packed with technology not seen on other Newport Vessels trolling motors.

It has a 24-volt brushless motor with a direct drive, making it quieter and more efficient than other kayak models. This is important as it extends your battery run time without the need for a bigger battery.

It has a variable/digital speed controller with a display, which is a pure pleasure to use!

This brushless kayak motor mounts directly onto your kayak’s stern using 4 bolts. It can be set up with steering cables so that you can steer your motor like a rudder (using your feet).

Before you order the NK-180S, you need to check whether your kayak is compatible. Also, bear in mind this is a 24-volt trolling motor, and you will need two lead-acid (AGM or Gel) or lithium batteries.

X Series

The main feature of the X Series is the tilting head, which you can adjust 30 degrees up and down.

The tilting head makes it easier to find the right position, and the steering is more comfortable, especially that you can extend the telescopic handle by 6 inches.

The motor comes in two different thrust levels and propeller sizes:

  • X Series 36 lb: 3-blade small propeller
  • X Series 55 lb: 3-blade large propeller

The speeds are standard (5 FWD, 3 REV) and the shaft is 36″ long.

Overall a good modern trolling motor that is also saltwater-capable.

L Series

The Newport Vessels L Series comes with a longer 40-inch shaft and can be easily recognized by its white color.

This model was designed for small sailboats but can be used on all kinds of small watercraft, such as dinghies.

There are two different thrust and voltage models of the L Series:

Newport Vessels
L Series 62 lb
Newport Vessels
L Series 86 lb
Max Amp Draw58A48A
Thrust62 lb 86 lb
Shaft Length40"40"
Speeds5 fwd / 3 rev5 fwd / 3 rev
Weight23 lb25 lb

Both models are equipped with large 3-blade propellers and can be used in saltwater.

Mossy Oak Series

The Newport Vessels Mossy Oak and Shadow Grass Blade models have a distinct camouflage paint.

Just like the X Series, you can tilt this trolling motor’s head 30 degrees, which helps with steering comfort and stowage.

There is only one motor variant available, here are the full specs:

  • Thrust: 55 lb (12V)
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amp Draw: 52A
  • Shaft Length: 36″
  • Propeller: 3-blade
  • Weight: 23 lb

It has 8 speeds (5 FWD, 3 REV), and a 5-point LED battery lever indicator.

Pontoon Series

The Pontoon Series, as the name suggests, was designed with pontoons and deck boats in mind.

It has a horizontal bracket, which allows this trolling motor to be mounted on the bow of your pontoon.

The shaft is adequately long, at 55 inches, and the head tilts so that you can easily stow your motor.

Here are the technical specs:

Pontoon Series
55 lb
Pontoon Series
86 lb
Max Amp Draw52A48A
Thrust55 lb 86 lb
Shaft Length55"55"
Speeds5 fwd / 3 rev5 fwd / 3 rev
Weight23 lb25 lb


Newport Vessels trolling motors have proven over the years to be reliable, and with great customer support, they offer excellent value for boat owners.

In one word: recommended!