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Vexus Boats is a fiberglass and aluminum fishing boat builder based in Flippin, Arkansas. They specialize in bass boats and center consoles, as well as matched boat trailers.

Vexus boats are relatively new in the market, and as with any new design, you can expect some problems. Some of the most common ones include weld cracks, paint job peeling off, and potential fuel leaks.

We’ve researched most of the issues with Vexus Boats and take a closer look at them in this article.

Let’s get started!

Cracking Welds

Cracks on an aluminum boat can be a serious problem, they’re not easy to fix.

Unfortunately, many owners of Vexus boats had to experience it first hand, and some of them twice! The crack was opening and clearly visible in the seam where the shape of the hull goes upwards.

It’s important to understand that welds are made by people and people make mistakes. Especially in such a new aluminum boat as Vexus.

What probably matters more here is how the manufacturer deals with the problem.

In most cases, Vexus would replace the boat under warranty, although sometimes it took a long time.

We read reports that some people found it difficult to get the boat replaced when the crack was caused by beaching or hitting a wave.

Leaking Fuel Tanks

Another serious issue was with Vexus AVX models that were recalled because of potential fuel leaks.

Of course, not all the boats had this problem, probably just a handful did.

It is good to know that Vexus Boats was proactive here and decided to inspect and fix all the affected boats.

This involved replacing the fuel line to the gas cap and adding extra rubber padding.

Paint Peeling Off

This happened to some owners of metal Vexus boats as new as 1 month old!

This most likely was caused by contaminated aluminum before painting.

Fortunately, Vexus Boats replaced the hull under warranty.

Deck Popping Up

This problem concerns Vexus aluminum boats, especially AVX 1980 and luckily it’s quite easy to fix.

What happens is that sometimes the deck can be bulging and when you step on it, it pops down.

Vexus is aware of the problem, which is quite characteristic of metal boats.

The usual fix is to brace the bulge down and hit it with a rubber mallet.

Water in Bow Switch

The issue happens with Vexus boats that have been through a lot of water, for example rain.

The water can get into the bow trim switch, which can cause the motor to start trimming on its own.

If you’re getting the same problem, you will need to replace the bow switch with a newer version, as the old ones are not entirely water-resistant.

Design Issues

Slippery at Low Speeds

Vexus AVX boats are great because they can get into skinny water.

However, the trade-off is that they are “slippery” in wind or current, especially at idle speeds.

This means that docking and loading them can be a little more time-consuming. They require more driving, which can get irritating

Keel Guards

It’s difficult to protect your aluminum keel on a Vexus boat, as most available keel guards don’t stay fixed.

This makes launching tricky at some places, for example, rocky shores.

Without keel guards, it’s very easy to scratch up the paint.

No Tackle Dividers

Vexus boats have a good layout and there is plenty of storage.

However, one thing that is missing is to have tackle dividers in back, side or center compartments.

Not a deal-breaker, but it would make an angler’s a little bit easier.


Condensation can form on the lids of storage boxes.

It’s not a big issue for most people, but it’s good to be aware of.

If you keep your boat in a garage, it’s a good idea to keep the storage boxes slightly open to allow ventilation.


Not everyone loves how Vexus boats look, but it’s a matter of personal preference.

Especially the fiberglass version is considered not very good looking, especially in comparison to the boats like Ranger or Skeeter.

Things that turn people off:

  • Fake chrome vents
  • Too big hand rails
  • Pickle fork bow style

Vexus aluminum boats, on the other hand, have a very innovative and attractive design of the hull and decks.

Warranty & Service

Vexus provides a very good warranty service.

Although many boats had different issues, they were mostly very helpful and fixed them.

If your boat has a serious problem, such as a cracked hull, your boat will need to travel to Flippin, Arkansas to get it repaired or hopefully replaced.

Of course, having to wait and not being able to go out fishing can be very frustrating.


Vexus boats can have issues, but the same can be said of other boat manufacturers.

Even they have not been on the market for a long time, they are getting more and more popular.

Hopefully, the problems listed above are going to be less frequent, and the warranty service stays as good.