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Haswing is a relative newcomer in the industry. They have been making trolling motors for over 10 years.

While their motors haven’t yet earned the same reputation as Minn Kota or MotorGuide, they offer solid performance and excellent value for money.

In this article, we take a closer look at Haswing’s entire product range and tell you what we think about them.

Let’s get started!

Haswing Technology and Features

Haswing is clearly trying to bridge the gap to the major trolling motor brands by regularly bringing new models. Below is a list of the most common features found on Haswing Trolling Motors:

Variable Speed Controller

Most models come with a variable speed motor that provides a smooth power delivery forward and in reverse.

Motors with variable speeds draw less power than those without it, especially at lower settings. No energy is wasted, and you get more run time off your battery.

Steering and Controls

Haswing trolling motors have three different types of steering: electric, cable, or hand control:


These motors are controlled by an electrical signal sent whenever you push on a pedal or press a button on your remote. The Cayman GPS and Cayman Black/White are examples of electric-steer motors and ship with wireless remotes. (wired foot pedal is optional)


A physical cable is connected to the shaft to allow very immediate response and precise control. Cable-steer is found on the Cayman Pro.


Hand or tiller is the most traditional and simplest way of controlling your motor. They can be both bow-mount or transom-mount. The Haswing Protruar Series are all hand-controlled trolling motors.

GPS Features

Only one Haswing model offers GPS navigation – the Cayman GPS. The main difference to Minn Kota or MotorGuide is that you need to download a Helmsman App to make the most of it.

Here is what you can do:

  • GPS navigation
  • Record Routes
  • Anchor Mode (GPS anchoring)
  • Cruise Control

Fish Finder Integration

Currently, Haswing doesn’t offer any models with built-in transducers.

Saltwater Capability

Most Haswing trolling motors are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. Sacrificial anode comes as standard, which is a great way to prolong your motor’s life.

Battery Level Indicator

All models allow you to check your battery state using an LED indicator on the motor’s head.


Haswing offers a limited 2-year warranty. It’s important to know there is no coverage if you use your motor for commercial or professional use. It also doesn’t apply to the corrosion caused by saltwater.

Bow Mount Trolling Motors

Cayman GPS

The Cayman GPS is the most advanced bow mount trolling motor offered by Haswing. Keep in mind it is not very powerful with its 55 pounds of thrust. However, if you have a small or medium-sized boat, this should be plenty. (up to 2750 lbs)

The motor features electric steering and can be controlled via a wireless remote from anywhere on the boat.

This model’s signature capability is GPS-enabled functions such as Anchor Mode, Routes, and Cruise Control. The downside is that to access GPS features. You need to download and use a dedicated Helmsman App on your smartphone or tablet.

A wired foot pedal, as well as quick-release plates, are available as an option.


  • Voltage: 12v
  • Thrust: 55 lb
  • Shaft Length: 48″, 54″
  • Speeds: Variable

Cayman Black/White

These trolling motors come with a similar electric-steer and wireless control as seen in Cayman GPS, however without GPS features.

Cayman Black has a 12-volt 55 lb motor and is available in two shaft lengths: 48 and 54 inches.

Cayman White also has a more powerful 24v option meant for heavier boats: 80lb of thrust, and its shaft is 60″ long.

Both motors can be ordered with a wired foot pedal and quick-release bracket as an extra.

Cayman Pro

This is the only model in the Haswing range that features cable-steer controls.

The motor is operated with a foot pedal, which makes it very responsive and highly maneuverable. This is perfect for bass fishing and avoiding obstacles.

You can use the Cayman Pro in freshwater and saltwater. It comes with a sacrificial anode and fully encapsulated electronics.


  • Voltage: 12v
  • Thrust: 55 lb
  • Max Amp Draw: 55A
  • Shaft Length: 43″
  • Speeds: Variable

Transom Mount Trolling Motors

Cayman T

All Haswing Cayman T models have a 12-volt DC motor delivering 55 pounds of thrust.

Most transom-mount trolling motors are hand-steered directly with a tiller, and a twisting motion controls the speed.

The Aquos Haswing Cayman T is different. It comes with a wireless handheld remote control and a foot pedal.

The remote control is fantastic, as you can do it from anywhere. It can be very useful when you launch or retrieve the boat on your own.

Osapian 12v

The Osapian Series comes in 3 different power options:

Max Thrust30 lb40 lb55 lb
Max Power360W480W660W
Speeds5 fwd / 3 rev5 fwd / 3 rev5 fwd / 3 rev
Max Amp Draw30A40A55A
Shaft Length31"35"35"

All the motors are quiet and relatively light, due to their cast aluminum construction.

What we love about the Osapian Series is the handle. It extends and tilts/folds, making it much easier to find the right steering position on your boat.

The folding tiller also makes the motor less cumbersome to carry and easy to stow.

Overall a good trolling motor at a very affordable price.

Osapian 24v

If you need a little bit more thrust for your boat, there is a more powerful model available.

The Osapian 24v offers 80 pounds of thrust and draws a maximum of 35A. This translates to roughly 840 Watts.

It has a large 11.8″ diameter 3-blade propeller.

One thing we dislike about this model is that it’s a good deal louder than other Osapian models.

Protruar 5HP

The Protruar 5HP is a powerful transom-mount trolling motor. It’s powered by a 24v brushless motor and has a maximum Amp draw of 105A.

According to Haswing, this motor delivers thrust comparable to a 6HP petrol outboard. (and power comparable to a 5HP outboard)

Brushless DC motors are quieter and generally more efficient than brushed DC motors. Since there are no brushes, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Brushless motors also cause less interference that can affect sensitive marine electronics such as fish finders or VHF radio equipment.

The motor has a 40-inch shaft and weighs only 31 pounds.

It comes with a magnetic safety lanyard. (kill switch)

Protruar 2.0

Haswing has more brushless trolling motors in their range!

The Protruar 2.0 is powered by a 24-volt brushless DC motor that delivers 85 pounds of thrust. It has a variable-speed controller and a magnetic safety lanyard, which is really nice to have at this price range.

Overall, it’s a well-built transom trolling motor at a good price.


  • Voltage: 24v
  • Thrust: 85 lb
  • Max Amp Draw: 40A
  • Speeds: Variable
  • Shaft Length: 35″

Protruar B

The Protruar B is very different from other trolling motors in this list because it comes with an integrated lithium battery.

Because of this, it is much more expensive and could perhaps be better compared with electric outboard motors such as Torqeedo or E-propulsion.

Protruar H 4.0

This brushless motor has very similar technical specs to the Protruar 5HP.

It has however an entirely new, more rugged design of the shaft and tiller.

The motor weight only 35 pounds and can be easily tilted in and out of water.


  • Voltage: 24v
  • Amp Draw: 105A
  • Max Power: 2520W
  • Speeds: Variable
  • Shaft Length: 24″

Protruar G 3.0

The Protruar G 3.0 is another powerful trolling motor that can be used as an electric outboard.

It has a 24-volt DC motor that produces 1800W at maximum (75A). Speeds are variable, which means smooth control in forward and in reverse.

It can be easily trimmed, i.e. you can adjust the depth of the motor depending on the conditions.

It can be used in salt water.


The W20 was designed with fishing kayakers in mind.

Weighing just over 5 pounds, it is the smallest and lightest trolling motor in the Haswing family.

One drawback is that it has only two speeds in forward and two in reverse. (High/Low)

Overall, it’s a great little motor.


  • Voltage: 12v
  • Thrust: 20 lb
  • Amp Draw: 17A
  • Speeds: 2 FWD / 2 REV
  • Shaft Length: 24″


Although lacking the features and refinement found on Minn Kota or MotorGuide, Haswing offers quite an impressive quality at a good price point.

If you’re looking for a simpler and less expensive trolling motor for your boat, chances are Haswing has the right model for you.