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The maximum amp draw refers to the limit of current that a trolling motor can take before it becomes unsafe. The max amp draw is used when choosing a circuit breaker.

The actual amp draw can help you understand your motor’s power consumption. It depends on a number of factors such as boat weight or wind speed.

This article lists the maximum amp draw for the most popular trolling motors on the market today.

Maximum Amp Draw Chart (All Brands)

Use the search feature to find the trolling motor brand and thrust model. See the recommended circuit breaker size in the last column.

Brand    Thrust VoltsMax Amp Draw
Minn Kota30 lb12V30A (40A Breaker)
Minn Kota40-45 lb12V42A (50A Breaker)
Minn Kota50-55 lb12V50A (60A Breaker)
Minn Kota70 lb24V42A (50A Breaker)
Minn Kota80 lb24V56A (60A Breaker)
Minn Kota101 lb36V46A (50A Breaker)
Minn Kota112 lb36V52A (60A Breaker)
MotorGuide55 lb12V52A (60A Breaker)
MotorGuide70 lb24V42A (50A Breaker)
Garmin Force80 lb24V57A (60A Breaker)
Garmin Force100 lb36V54A (60A Breaker)
Lowrance Ghost120 lb36V43A (50A Breaker)
Newport Vessels36 lb12V29A (40A Breaker)
Newport Vessels40 lb12V34A (40A Breaker)
Newport Vessels46 lb12V40A (50A Breaker)
Newport Vessels55 lb12V52A (60A Breaker)
Newport Vessels62 lb12V58A (60A Breaker)
Newport Vessels86 lb24V48A (50A Breaker)
Watersnake24 lb12V20A (30A Breaker)
Haswing55 lb12V55A (60A Breaker)

Recommended Circuit Breakers

The right size circuit breaker will usually be rated for 5-10 amps more than the maximum amp draw of your trolling motor. Refer to the amp draw chart above to find your model. If it’s not there, consult your motor’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

30 Amp

T Tocas 30A Circuit Breaker

  • Manual reset, waterproof
  • For motors under 30 lb thrust
40 Amp

T Tocas 40A Circuit Breaker

  • Manual reset, waterproof
  • For motors 30-36 lb thrust, such as Minn Kota Endura C2 30 lb
50 Amp

Young Marine 50A Circuit Breaker

  • Manual reset, waterproof
  • For 12V motors 40-45 lb thrust
  • For 24V motors 70 lb thrust
60 Amp

T Tocas 60A Circuit Breaker

  • Manual reset, waterproof
  • For 12V motors 50-62 lb thrust
  • For 24V motors 80 lb thrust

Minn Kota Amp Draw Chart (Different Speeds)

The amp draw of a trolling motor will vary depending on the speed setting.

Below you can find examples of actual amp draw of popular Minn Kota motors at different speeds:

Speed / Actual Amp Draw
Minn Kota
Endura 30
Minn Kota
Terrova 80
Minn Kota
Ultrex 80
Minn Kota
Terrova 112

How to Check Amp Draw on a Trolling Motor?

The most common way is to use a clamp meter.

Simply place the jaws of the meter around one of your motor’s power cables. The display will then show the current flowing through the wire.

You can also use a multimeter, which measures a variety of electrical quantities, including voltage, current, and resistance.

What Affects Amp Draw?

There are a few factors that can affect the amp draw of a trolling motor:

Boat weight: The heavier your boat, the more power it will take to move it through the water.

Wind speed: If you’re trolling in windy conditions, your motor will have to work harder and will therefore draw more amps.

Water conditions: The type of water you’re trolling in can have a big impact on the amp draw of your motor. For example, trolling in saltwater will typically require more power than trolling in freshwater.

Also, if you bury your prop in mud or weeds, your motor will use more amps to keep turning at the same speed.